Traditional Tunes from Newfoundland & Labrador


We're so excited to share a new video with you!!! HUGE thanks to Phil Maloney for making this lovely video and for being wicked.
The set is named after the second tune, called "Off She Goes". We don't know the names of the other tunes. Do you? 
The first two are from the playing of Bren Newman of Boyd's Cove. Enjoy! 

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What a time at Celtic Colours!

We had such an incredible time at the 2015 Celtic Colours International Festival in Cape Breton! We had 3 amazing shows with such incredible audiences, we played at a local school and played at the after-hours festival club - by ourselves and with friends we made at the festival itself. Huge thank you to all of the volunteers, the drive'ers and to all of the organizers who made our time at the festival so wonderful. Cape Breton - we'll definitely be back because we had such an amazing time! 

This Week: Celtic Colours in Cape Breton!

Can't believe it's finally here! It our first time playing outside Newfoundland and we couldn't be more excited to be playing in Cape Breton this week as part of Celtic Colours International Festival 2015! 

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